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Looking for people willing to learn how to shift out of depression!

As soon as I feel depression I look in the mirror to view it. While it is easy to feel depression it is also easy to see it in your body or around your body. I smile to make the depression disappear. As soon as the smile stops the depression comes back. I than scan my body and find places where the sensations of depression don't exist and as I feel that place in my body is think, "I prefer to feel this instead of depression."

I can do this easily but it took months and a lot of effort to wean myself out of noticing something that feels bad into feeling something that feels good. By good I especially mean feeling quiet. I can easily experience happy sensations in my body but I know that is a temporary sensation and I've trained myself to shit into feeling quiet when I don't feel happy sensations. While happy is temporary, quiet can be there forever, to be interrupted by happy or sad, or some other sensation but always going back to quiet. Quiet has a location, so does depression or emotional pain.

Since most of the time I am aware of a sensation in my body that feels OK or quiet, it is easy for me to notice that depression shows up whenever I don't like something. I make it a point not to go into mental dislike as I don't want to feel things shutting down inside of me. I know that shutting down is the same as going into depression.

I go to a new thought church, Unity. People mention that they feel bad, we pray for them and this sounds is wonderful. People are supported in overcoming their difficulties. As I hear the hurt someone feels, as a clairvoyant, I can see and feel that same pain that is in them and feel it in myself. I also know you can shift out of that pain by going to a place in the body that is not hurting. I've tried teaching people how to shift out of pain but people don't seem to want to know how to develop that skill. The most amazing epiphany I've ever had around this is, people feel real when they feel pain.

When I feel pain, I notice where it's located in my body, I scan it's size and shape and I move my consciousness to a part of my body where that pain is not located or I ask the pain to dissolve. I've accepted people's pain and leave them alone in it as trying to teach them to move out of the pain just moves them more into pain.

Something has happened that makes things difficult for me. A monthly reminder on the news how much depression kids are in. Accepting the older generation's refusal to learn how to shift out of depression is one thing. Letting new generations of kids live through depression when there are ways to shift out of it is something different.

I'm looking for people young and old who would like to learn how to shit out of depression. Notice I'm not saying, "Stop feeling depressed." Any time you don't like something you will feel depression, as soon as you do learn how to shift out of it.

This is no difference than hearing something you don't like and doing something about it. No different than smelling something and doing something about it. Tasting something.. you get the drift. There are things that you experience and do something to change so you experience less of it, or none of it.

Depression, or life pain, are similar. You have to learn to think differently. The first thing you learn is that you are being effected by depression instead of just saying, "I feel depressed."

What I need is people willing learn to shift out of what they don't like. It's one thing to accept that people have learned to identify with pain but it's another thing to allow new generations to become like that.

If there are enough people that can say, "I feel the depression and here is how I shift out of it." Maybe we can start a new trend.

All the comments about depression on the news never show any kids who explain what they do not to feel depressed.




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