Support for Parkinson's Disease:

Free into 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month, times flexible. Must RSVP.

For those worried or in the early stages of Parkinson.
We will start by showing you how to travel consciously in your brain and activate brain areas such as an imaging sytem (creates images easily) and turning a two dimentional image of a room into a 3D hologram where you can walk around the room. Please see the vidoes on this topic by going to

Next you will learn how to touch the nerves behind the eyes. If you can touch the nerves behind the eyes, feel the sensations of the nerves, you can realize how amazing is your ability to influence the behavior of your brain.

How is that possible, to touch the nerves behind the eyes and feel the sensations of the nerves that are there? If you understand how chi energy known as Sensing Assistant and conscousness work you will see how this is possible.

The free introductions is to see if you can do the exercises, if you like the exercises and if you want to take this course.

You may learn enough in the introductory meeting to do the exercises on your own.

Must RSVP as each group is limited to six people. Contact Us.

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