Training Videos
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I suggest you start with the video tapes of Adee:

  • Adee - traveling in the brain and having the brain create 3D holograms you can walk around in, study and discover.

  • Stewart - a study in facial luminance.

At a workshop on chi-energy I was given a great compliment by a Japanese man. He said, "You did a good job with a very difficult subject matter."

Because the training is based upon experience and every person's experience is slightly different I feel it's best that I take people interested in the subject matter through visual experiences of other people.

Not only do you see a person struggle to learn but also the success of finally getting it. The aha moment.

Each lesson is just an introduction of how much more is possible to know and understand.

Each new person that I agree to video tape must have studied the material of others to see how far they can get on their own.

I once told a friend that in order for me to be willing to offer my time to a person they have to be willing to help teach this material.

By that I mean, they learn to be colleagues and help evolve the understanding of this stile of chi-energy understanding.

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