and Tremors

I was sitting on the outside of the pew in a church as early music was playing. To the tune of the music I vibrated my arms like a musical instrument.

I did shaking of arm and face muscles as performance art. Some of the people in the audience asked me, "Why would you do something that scares most people.

I replied, "Because I know how to stop it."

Whenever I would be aware of any part of my body shaking I would go through a list of things that causes shaking.

  • Uncertainty will start parts of the body shaking. Am I feeling unsure about anything.
  • Am I trying too hard to do something. Increased expectation will cause shaking.
  • Is someone of authority looking at me working. Being aware of what you are doing and being aware of someone like a boss watching you wills start shaking.
  • Do I want to say something angry to someone but I fight my inclination. The conflict of acting out violently, either with words or physic action, and not wanting to behave like that causes intense shakes.
  • Excessive synaptic stimulation will cause your head to bob up and down. It's difficult to help people who bob their heads as they are usually not aware of this. Others can see it but the person exhibiting the symptoms is not aware.

My actions to stop shaking.
Whatever I'm doing I stop doing it. I make a point to sit down if standing. If sitting I place my hands on a chair or table so they feel supported. I start relaxing. Because I'm aware of chi energy I start sending calming energy to the area of the body that is shaking.

When the shaking stops, I feel the calm in the area that was shaking. This reinforces the experience that shaking can be stopped.

I video taped my insights for those interested in this field of energy exploration.
The Videos look best on Firefox.

My ability to shake my hands like a musical instrument - 01
History how I got into shakes and tremors. I took the talent to performance art to show you can start and stop shaking. Once started, if I did not send calming energy into the nerves the shaking would keep on going.

Some of the ways I have noticed shaking occurs - 02
The biggest surprise for me is how a little amount of muscle tension in the forearm can cause your hands to start shaking. You won't even notice the muscle tension.

Stop the shaking the moment you notice it occurring.

Some easy way to stop shaking - 03
These are shakes caused by natural causes like tension, uncertainty, feeling unsafe or using substances like coffee. Shakes are a signal that you are pushing yourself too hard, or your situation is stressing you out.

Using Chi Energy to quiet the nerves and Stop Shaking - 04
An introduction to a chi energy called Sensing Energy, sometimes referred to as Sensing Assistant. You can use this energy to quiet the nerves in your body when shaking occurs.

How the brain sees using chi energy - 05
The two ways we see, using the eyes and using the brain. Here is an explanation why some people are chi energy sensitive. When your eyes are closed the brain brings chi energy to the part of the body it is looking at, increasing the sensations in that area.


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