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How are you going to know something is possible unless someone articulates it for you.

Your experience is the teacher.

How would you like to:
Have a two dimensional image of a room show up and have it converted to a three dimensional holographic image you can walk around in.

Instead of seeing your brain as a black box you can travel inside your brain and learn about its amazing potentials that you can explore and tap into from the inside.

Are you interested in Super Creativity? How often have you heard some artist, poet, writer, lyricist say, "I don't know where that stuff comes from." Become aware of how the brain creates content from the inside.

Go through your traumas holographically. In a hologram you are detached as you see what happened in the past. You see the experience with the benefit of more life experience.

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Walter uses his clairvoyant abilities to monitor your energy and give you instant feedback on how you are doing.

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