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Adee is a computer programmer. His understanding in how to program a computer was the bridge that allowed me to break through and have him experience traveling in the brain, and even more wondrous experiences.

To have the same experiences as Adee, Listen to Walter's (or someone speaking) the instructions. The magic happens when you are in the listening mode and the proper words are spoken that activate your internal intelligence.

Send us any comments or questions you might have about any of the video clips. Each clip has a number for easy identification.

Question about Conscious traveling inside the brain - 000

Adee is asked about the ability to travel inside the brain.

Before you start going through the other training videos see this video clip first.

First attempt fails - 001

You might want to skip this one till you go through all the videos where Adee succeeded then look at this video to see how things have changed once you know what you are doing.

Success in traveling inside the brain, eyes closed - 002

When the eyes are closed there are fewer distractions. You are learning what is possible. The hand behind the head is the only difference in instructions being given.

Success in traveling inside the brain, eyes lowered and open - 003
When you know how to be inside the brain you can activate abilities. You don't want to be closing your eyes every time you do that. You can but you have to have your eyes lowered or have your consciousness about an inch behind your eyes.

The Peaceful Spot - 004
There is a spot in the middle of the brain. When you are there your awareness of the area activates the "Imaging System of the Brain" and access to images is incredibly easy and fast.

No Guessing - 005
There is a tendency of people saying, "I think it's...."
You are either experiencing something or not experiencing. Here the, No Guessing, attitude is addressed.

Touching the nerves behind the eyes using chi-energy - 006
Now that we have learned how to travel in the brain, activate a mental function by being in the area of the brain that creates images, the next step is to touch the nerves behind the eyes. This shows you that you can effect the nervous system of the body using chi-energy.

A smile creating luminance and happy sensations on the face - 007
First you learn how to enter the brain and travel inside of it. Now you keep on traveling till you enter the area of the face, have a smile appear and enjoy the happy sensations created there. Here you start to learn how the body creates happy sensations for you to experience.

Practicing the Art of Smiling using chi-energy - 010
Adee is asked to repeat the smiling exercise 5 times. These are quiet moments that allow you to see how the corners of the lips curve up. At the same moment, you will see the luminance show up on Adee's face. You can learn to energize your face using a smile and take "A Happiness Break" by feeling the happy sensations that are created by your Internal Intelligence.

How I made that smile appear - using chi energy - 011
Adee tells of his experience, traveling in the brain, moving into the face area and having a smile appear.

We all have these experiences happening every day, Adee is learning to experience them in a new way. Conscious awareness of how the brain uses a form of chi energy that travels and activates mental, emotional and physical responses in your body.

Difficulties in communicating EXPECTATIONS of traveling inside the brain - 008
Conflict happens whenever there is a difficulty in communication. This happens a lot when people are learning how to explore their brain from the inside. It's a conflict between, "I'm going to do it" vs "You have to allow the ability to show up." The Star Wars concept, "Trust the Force."

Traveling in the brain using Two Styles - 009
We finally succeeded in mitigating the communication conflict when Adee was able to use his understanding of how to travel in the brain. By this time traveling in the brain was a norm.

The lesson here, there are ways to get things done but there is also a way to get things done faster. Each person should use what works for them but also see that there is another way.

Creating a Hologram of a Room you can walk around in - 012
Now that Adee is comfortable with traveling in his brain, activating images, touching nerves with chi-energy, and having a happy smiling face show up, he is shown a new task. How to have his Internal Intelligence create a 3D hologram of a room he can walk around in.

Insights about 3D Holograms vs 2D Pictures - 013
Adee makes insightful comments about his holographic experiences and the difference between a hologram and a picture that shows up in your brain.

Here Adee shows that he is an independent thinker, considering how he used to view his mind and how and how he can see things now.

Getting insights from a hologram by using intuition - 014
Adee did not like the first holographic experience of a room so he learned that the force that created the hologram can be asked to create something more to his liking.

This particular hologram of a room brings many surprises and comments. You also can see the potential of using your intuition to find more information about yourself or others in a hologram.

What makes the Adee videos so important is that you have a person that takes a lesson based upon a hope that it's real. While just the traveling inside the brain is amazing to Adee and would last a lifetime of talking about, in the Interactive Mindfulness training it is just an introduction to what is possible. Dipping your finger into possibilities.

Adee had difficulty adjusting to a new way of viewing things, "I imagined" vs "Accepting that what he is experiencing is real."

When I showing people how to have holographic experiences they cannot help themselves in trying to justify their experience as some form of memory that their brain is recreating.

The two holograms that Adee experiences are rooms he's never seen before. You never hear him say that he uses his imagination to create the rooms and objects in them. This allows him a chance to grasp that each hologram is a 3D creation meant for exploration and as a resource.

People that have learned to use the hologram in their daily life, when asked a question, their first response is to say, "Let me take a look." They have the hologram turn on so they can look at that particular situation all over again, as if it is happening for the first time.

Some people that I have told about the Adee videos and what Adee experienced think that I'm talking about some science fiction story from a book. Others have no trouble accepting such a possibilities.

Traditional mindfulness also had a rough start in being accepted. If enough people learn how this works and use it, at some point, having such abilities, as experiencing the brain from the inside and turning on new abilities, will be considered a norm.

More information on smiling, moods, emotions & holograms

These were talks we had before instructions were given to travel inside the brain. Just so Adee and I could get to know each other a little.

The Internal Intelligence that creates a smile - 015

Dialogue about people who know they know they are smiling and feeling facial happiness and those that don't know they are smiling.

How muscle memory plays a part in a natural smile.

Holograms created for Bill Russell & how things get done for you - 016

Referring to Bill Russell's book, "Second Wind" and his description of being able to replay images like a video.

How an Internal Intelligence bring insights and information to you.

Creating facial moods - Comments by Walter Ness - 017

We all have a blind side. We can't see what our faces look like unless we look in the mirror. But other can see what our faces look like.

It is the subconscious that a certain look on our face. Next time someone says what you look like, look in the mirror so you can tell what they are talking about.

Choosing your own emotions - Comments by Walter Ness - 018

We all have the ability to ask for the type of emotion that shows up on our face.

This new facial look will be created by our Internal Intelligence. We ask, than witness how muscles in our face change to create the new emotion.

Chi Energy entering through the back - 019

To experience sensations in your body using chi-energy you have to learn how to have a certain type of chi, referred here as Sensing Assistant (or Sensing Energy) enter your body.

This Sensing Assistant can make you aware where in the body it is located, how it travels from one are to another and more.

Chi Energy experience is the teacher - 020

What you experience, how you handle the energy vibes, and how you are able to travel to different parts of your body to choose which experiences you want to have or explore determines your level of understanding of how this energy system works.

There's no right or wrong here. It's all about choice and how that choice unfolds the experience.

Each experience is a pixel of information. It takes a lot of pixels to see the whole picture.

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