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My interest in mind/body and chi awareness came as a result of a learning disability. I was acing my tests at school, 4.0 average, but I could not understand what they were teaching me.

I was memorizing text, but you need images as well as text to build a foundation of knowledge.

While meditating and traveling inside my brain I came across a tiny area in the brain generating a peaceful signal. I did not create this signal, I just became aware of it.

While being aware of this spot I had incredible ease in having images showing up. If I moved away from this spot I no longer had access to images.

After a month of daily enjoying images showing up I noticed an image of my house and instead of just seeing it I started walking toward the house.

Can you imagine how amazing it felt to turn a two dimensional image into a three dimensional hologram.

The next thing I learned, is that when I paid attention to the small area and opened my eyes, everything I saw looked sharper.

This increase in visual acuity is typically attained by an increase in body tension. Now there was a way to have greater visual abilities while your body was relaxed.

I asked myself, "How will I ever be able to teach this?"

I found out that if I just articulated how I did the traveling the person listening and following my direction would have the same experience.

Since I could not teach this, and people did not have the skill to implement what I was instructing them to do, I had to conclude that we an an internal intelligence inside of us that makes the traveling experience possible.

I am a clairvoyant. I can see chi energy, which looks like thick water. It's like having access to a special skill that allows me to notice things other people don't. That's what I used to believe. Now I know that everyone has the same ability as I do. I'm just more determined to use it and be aware of it as it gives me greater understanding of myself and the world around me.

I would like to share these and other amazing discoveries I have made about intuition, Life Human Energy and the value of being an chi energy sensitive person.

Walter Ness

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