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Intractive Mindfulness Defined:

  • A state achieved by focusing one's awareness on greater mental and intuitive abilities by allowing them to happen. The key is to recognize an internal intelligence that does things for us. Our job is learning how to nudge it into action.

Mindfulness is like basic math, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Interactive Mindfulness is like calculous.

Neat things about using Interactive Mindfulness:

  • Knowing how to move a certain type of chi-energy called "Sensing Energy" inside of your brain, to influence its action to create thoughts and images.
  • Moving "Sensing Energy" throughout your body to experiences emotions and sensations.
  • Learning that different parts of the body have different sensations and feeling, and if you don't like what you feel you move your awareness to another part of the body.
  • The foundation of "Interactive Mindfulness" is the willingness to acknowledge that we have an "Internal Intelligence" that does things for us, such as create thoughts, images, emotions and body sensations.
  • When you consciously know what gets done for you you feel more relaxed.
  • When things get done for you you experience detachment. Ironically detachment increases your awareness of sensations and thoughts in your body.
  • Things are going on around you but you abilities are enhanced. Your detachment lets you multi task all your experiences into what people refer to as living in the moment.

This sounds like a lot but it's no different than learning to ride a bike. When you master Interactive Mindfulness and allowing things to happen things become effortless.

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