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Interactive Mindfulness Defined:

  • The ability to be aware of being able to travel and explore neutral or good sensations inside the body.
  • The traveling experience occurs because an intelligence inside your mind moves chi energy throughout the body or inside the brain.
  • Where chi energy enters in your body, it increases sensations in that part. Traveling in the body or brain is possible because the chi energy responds to your interest.
  • The brain is aware of chi energy even if we are not.
  • Inside your brain are all kinds of amazing abilities. To access those abilities you must know how to nudge them into action.

The reason feeling bad sensations is not included in the description of these phenomena, is because it is much easier to notice feeling bad. It takes skill to develop the ability to feel good things inside of yourself.

To be able to master Interactive Mindfulness you have to learn how to nudge your brain into action and you must allow the brain's ability to take over and do things for you. See the Adee Video Tapes to see how this works.

Mindfulness is like basic math: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Interactive Mindfulness is like calculus.

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