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The Energy that Travels:

The only way to understand the traveling energy, which is called "Energy Probe" is by having hundreds of experiences using it. Without that continuous repetitive experience understanding this energy phenomenon is hard to grasp.

You are taking a walk and look at someone in the distance. They cannot see you as their back is facing you, yet at the moment you look at the person, they turn around and look at you.

If you had a machine that could see chi energy, you would be able to see an energy field; a part of it would move out of your energy and travel to the person you are looking at. At the moment your energy connects with the other person, your energy increases their awareness and they become aware of you, as your energy is connected to them.

Understanding of how energy works is simple, though difficult to grasp without clairvoyant abilities. When you can see an energy leave your field and enter the field of another person; then you see it return --that's a lot of visual proof that such a thing exists, especially if it happens on a daily basis.

A person turning around when you look at them is not a repetitive phenomenon, as not everyone turns around.

This Energy Probe allows me to feel the world around me. One of my energy students called it the First Sense, the first ability we had before the five senses became dominant.

This Energy Probe allows me to feel sensations inside my body, changes how I feel inside of any area of my body and surprises me by showing me an ability I didn't now I had.

As an example, one day I became aware of the inside of my brain, and I saw the Energy Probe moving toward the back of my eyes. When the energy entered the nerves behind my eyes, I could actually feel the sensations of those nerves as if I was touching them with my fingers.

My reaction was, "I didn't know I could do this."

Typically, I compulsively repeated the traveling of the Energy Probe --feeling it enter my brain, travel toward the back of my eyes and touch the nerves that were there.

If you like to know more about this traveling energy, I am creating web pages you can study. Send me any questions you might need clarifying.


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