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International Association for Near-Death Studies

I have seen people who have passed on to the other side. This made me become interested in near death studies. I was expecting to meet wild people who had a different views on spiritual and material reality.

I once worked with a woman who died and came back. In our session she admitted to not wanting to live as she was living. The death experience was to open up her energetic abilities.

A normal person would look at a leaf on a tree. She was able to send her consciousness to the leaf and when she did that she felt like she was sitting on the leaf.

As an energy person I feel very comfortable in being aware of an energetic reality but I have had decades getting used to it.

People with near death experience are in the begging stages of acceptance of what happened to them. At some point some of them might want a more conscious awareness of energy, when they do this website can be of help.

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