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International Association for Near-Death Studies

I host IANDS meetups in the Cambridge, Somerville, Boston, Arlington areas.

Our next meetup Sunday, June 24, 2018
2pm - 4pm
Blue Shirt Cafe. 424 Highland Ave. Somerville, MA
in Davis Square.

Main Topic to be covered:
What can we learn from an out of body experience?

Second Topic:
What do you seek to gain from this meetup.

Third Topic:
How do you see yourself contributing to this meetup.

If you want to join this meetup INDS Meetup Group.

If you have had a personal death and return experience, live in the Boston area, get in touch with me. (Contact Walter Ness)

My interest in this field is based upon how people who have passed to the other side come back with heightened perceptions and a different way of viewing life.

As a clairvoyant I know what it feels like to have a different points of views that are difficult to convey to others who are not educated in the field of energy awareness. I have worked with people who have died and come back.

This includes

  • past lives
  • death in shaministic trances
  • seeing energies of those who have passed on and were able to show themselves to family members
  • personal death experience, but not in the traditional way
  • channeling the personality of someone who has past on.

While telling a friend that I believed in life after death he excitedly said to me, "What if you are wrong! What if you are wrong! What if you are wrong!"
I replied, "Then I won't notice."

As a clairvoyant I see energies that drive the human body and feel sensations that people's bodies transmit. I saw a man in his seventies walking down the street. I could feel that he did not believe in life after death. The man felt like he was trapped in his body and the sensations being transmitted from his body had the feel that he was moving his prison with each step.

I wrote a poem that was inspired by seeing someone after they passed on to the other side. It's under Stories Pertaining to IANDS. The name of the poem, "Alive on Arrival."



Stories Pertaining to IANDS

Artwork courtesy of artWiseHeart.com